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Natural Hand Sanitizer

My friend recently returned from a trip to Mexico complaining about itchy, scaly skin on her palms. It quickly progressed to painful, bubbly sores with peeling skin. A visit to the dermatologist diagnosed eczema.

During her vacation, she was so concerned with keeping her preschooler healthy that she may have overused sanitizer during the week. The drying effect of the alcohol combined with the disinfecting chemicals in the product had severely irritated her skin.

I confess that I am a fan of using sanitizers after visiting public places and before eating food. You might even call me anal about it, but when you can’t wash your hands, sanitizer can be the next best thing.

As far as sanitizer goes, my favorite brand is EO, a family-owned and operated, certified organic manufacturer.

I find the EO Santizing Spray to be less toxic and less drying than conventional-brand sanitizers. The fragrance is light and clean, rather than cloying and chemical, and I don’t have to worry about accidently eating sanitizer residue because it is all natural.

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