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Monsanto Voted Worst Corporation of 2010 – Again!

“Beating out a host of corporate criminals, including BP and Chevron, Monsanto garnered 38% of the vote to win the 2010 spot in the Corporate Hall of Shame. From the using aggressive legal tactics to intimidate and bankrupt local farmers to its reckless promotion of genetically modified organisms, the list of Monsanto’s abuses is long, and the negative impacts to human rights and the environment are staggering.”

“Add on a 40 year track-record of defiant production of dangerous and cancer causing chemicals – from Agent Orange and PCBs to RoundUp and rBGH – and we have ourselves a ‘winner’. Electing a winner isn’t enough. Thousands upon thousands agree – Monsanto must change its practices.”

Corporate Accountability International, January 20, 2011

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