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Marula Oil Hydrates Your Face

I was recently given a gift of Marula oil with an effective usage demonstration from a glowing 70-year old woman who slathered a few drops across her remarkably fresh-looking skin. I went home and began using marula oil every night after washing my face. I give it two thumbs up for moisturizing and plumping up skin. My skin has been looking seriously young.

Marula oil is fast-absorbing and high in oleic acid. Free of free of preservatives, synthetics and parabens, it penetrates the skin and provides for lasting hydration.

Here we are in a Tel Aviv nightclub: my husband and me, my brother, one of my sisters, and two women in their twenties who were graduating medical school with my brother.

It’s not just me who has noticed that my 44-year old skin is looking exceptionally good. Last month my husband and I hit the nightclubs in Tel Aviv. My 32-year old brother was warning us that we might not get in past the velvet rope line. I had visions of that scene in “Knocked Up” where Katherine Heigl and Leslie Mann try to go out to a nightclub and the bouncer rejects them with the line, “I can’t let you in! You older than the earth!” (It’s one of my all-time favorite movie monologues!) I was fully prepared to be sent away. Instead, I breezed up to the front of the long line and was waved through immediately. Hah!

Once inside the club, my brother’s friends – both guys and girls – guessed I was younger than my brother when it is he who is twelve years younger than I am. Pretty cool, I must say.

Ok, part of this I have to chalk up to my Jazzercise habit, but the skin on my face is not giving me away, either. Maybe it’s the marula oil?

Try it yourself.

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