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Leftover Turkey Pizza

To say goodbye to the last of the Thanksgiving turkey, I usually try to get creative. Turkey enchiladas and Friday turkey soup have been past hits. This year I decided to go with turkey pizza and it turned out to be more than good enough to get the family excited about having turkey yet another day.

For our turkey pizza, I made my family’s favorite 3-ingredient chickpea flour pizza crust and topped it with shredded goat mozzarella cheese and shredded goat country jack cheese, chunks of turkey and sliced crimini mushrooms, and a few crumbles of chevre soft goat cheese for good measure.

It was a fantastic gluten-free, cow’s milk-free pizza, as we need in this family. Of course, you could use any cheese or cheese substitute, or no cheese at all, if you prefer. I served it with a shredded cabbage slaw.

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