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Intestinal Absorption Map: How Your Intestines Absorb Nutrients

Again today I heard from another client whose physicians wanted to remove a section of their bowels in hopes this move would clear up their gut distress. My advice is always to hold on to all of your insides!Nutrient absorption sites in bowels

Every piece of the human body has a specific function and reason for being there in the first place, and if you remove it you may or may not find lasting relief. You may instead find yourself in a whole new nightmare.

Gastro-intestinal surgeons blithely perform colonectomies and bowl re-sections and then may send the patient home without any advice that their redesigned bowels will not be functioning like a normal, healthy person’s bowels should. These patients are often not adequately counseled in regards to moving forward with their diet in light of their altered digestion and nutritional needs.

In short, one section of your intestines is not necessarily just like any other. Check out this map of intestinal absorption sites to see how the nutritional receptors differ by location in the digestive system.

Losing a piece of intestine as a solution for IBS, Crohn’s Disease, or other mysterious abdominal problems should always be a  last resort. There are other solutions for IBS to try before allowing yourself to be eviscerated.

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