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I used to be a margarine girl

Growing up we always used margarine, except for baking, which was not all that common at our house but did happen occasionally. My mother says she grew up using real butter, so I think it must have been a previous stepfather who switched us over to margarine, likely because it was thought to be “healthier”.

When I got married, my husband made me find a margarine that didn’t have trans fats. I did sWhat to Eato and felt fine about continuing to use margarine.

Then I read Marion Nestle’s book, What to Eat, and my eyes were opened.

According to Marion, a New York University nutrition professor, all margarines are a combination of vegetable oil and artificial additives and fillers to add flavor, taste, and texture. Blech!

So now I’m a butter girl. Make that REAL organic butter!

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