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How Long Do I Cook My Glorious One-Pot Meals In A 3.5-Quart Dutch Oven?

Reader question: I have a 3 1/2qt cast iron pot, in prglorious one-pot mealseparing the 2 person portion, do I still use the 45min. time to cook dish? or longer time since it is bigger pot?  thanks for your prompt reply susan

Hi Susan. Thanks for your enthusiasm for Glorious One-Pot Meals!

To answer your question, the fail-safe way to know if your Glorious One-Pot Meal is ready –no matter what size cast iron Dutch oven you use or how full you fill it– is to wait for the aroma of a fully-cooked meal to escape the oven… and then to wait for an additional three minutes. I call this the “3-minute rule”.

Not filling a pot to the brim, i.e., using a larger capacity pot to cook a smaller GOPM, leaves “dead air space” in the pot, which may affect the cooking time.  In general, if you fill your pot up to the top, you’ll be able to follow the timing chart on page 9 in the cookbook, but these times may not be accurate if you are not filling the pot completely. However, if you follow the 3-minute rule all of your GOPMs will always turn out perfectly!

Happy cooking!


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