1. Kitchen Cupboards · at |

    the climate change that we experience these days are caused by too much air pollutants ..

  2. Arthritis Remedy  at |

    Climate Change really causes the formation of bigger tornadoes and bigger typhoons too`.-

  3. Sophie Sanders at |

    Climate change is quite on the rise these days, so be prepaired for more weather disasters:,~

  4. Tristan Coleman at |

    there is always a need for water conservation specially these days where natural reources are scarce;“

  5. Bailey Singh at |

    nowadays, we are seeing some water shortage and water conservation is even more necessary.~;

  6. Steve Cotler at |
  7. Steve Cotler at |

    Exactly right.
    Demand for water is a worldwide problem that will surely become worse. I wrote about a similar problem in Chad


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