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Honeycrisp apples

As a child I preferred just about any other fruit to the old standby of the apple. It wasn’t until recently, with the emergence of new apple varietals on the market, that I realized that it wasn’t that I didn’t like apples, it’s that I didn’t like Red Delicious apples. And besides Granny Smiths, those were the choices in apples.

Honeycrisp apples and honey
Honeycrisp apples and honey

The availability of new apple varieties in the past few years have turned me into the apple devotee that I never was before. Fiji, Gala, Pink Lady… I’m fans of them all. But nothing has won me over like the honeycrisp apple.

Each fall I eagerly await their appearance on the market. Colorado apple growers are now bringing in their harvests to the farmers markets and the regular grocery stores, and I’m in heaven.

Exceptionally sweet and crisp, the honeycrisp is hands-down my favorite variety of apple. It’s only available for a short window of time, so get your eatin’ while the eatin’ is good!

Today, the traditional way to eat apples is in slices dipped in honey. Delicious. (Look for local honey to get all the benefits of local pollens or single-source flavors!) Happy new year to all of my Jewish friends! May your year be as sweet as a honeycrisp apple!  🙂

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