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Healthy Bora Bora Bars for Snacks on the Run

Even a cookbook author like myself needs a healthy go-to snack that is easy to grab when running out the door. Often I’ll grab a handful of almonds or cashews, a banana or an apple, and munch away as I speed across town to my next commitment, but there are times when I want a little bit more. I like to keep Bora Bora-Organic Snack Bars in the house for those occasions.

Made with all organic nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and honey, these bars are unbelievably scrumptious and nicely satisfying from all the protein. My mouth is seriously watering as I write this, just from the memory of the delicious flavors.

Forget your average dense energy bar or rock-hard granola bar: Bora Bora bars taste better, seem lighter, and won’t sit like a rock in your stomach for a few hours.

Here’s what I look for when I read the labels on products like snack bars:

1. I want all ingredients to recognizably come from nature. The less processed these are, the better. I want to be able to pronounce and identify everything listed.

2. The fewer ingredients, the better. Don’t junk up my snack bars with a lot of extra stuff. Don’t add MSG or gluten fillers to my granola bars. Don’t add protein where it doesn’t occur naturally. And, please, don’t give me “artificial flavors,” because synthetic flavors are a huge turn-off to my taste buds.

As long as you’re not allergic to nuts, peanuts, or honey, Bora Bora bars are an awesome option for an energy bar, healthy snack, or even an occasional lunch-on-the-run guilty pleasure. I keep a few in my purse and car to stave off hunger between meals. Even though they are made with honey, they are not too sticky-sweet. My kids love them.

I get my variety box of Bora Bora bars at Costco, but it looks like a better price on Amazon.

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