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Glorious One-Pot Meals Ingredient Sizes

Reader question: I’m curious about thickness of carrots when you say to “slice in coins.” also, i have large dutch oven and want to experiment b4 i buy small one. will recipe fail if there is room above food? i’m really excited to start trying recipes!!!!!!! will buy book if i love the method. ~ Sarah M., Almaden, CA

Hi Sarah – Thanks for writing! One of the fantastic things about the Glorious One-Pot Meals infusion cooking method is that it really doesn’t matter if you cut your carrots into thicker or thinner slices; they will all cook up perfectly in the same amount of time. In fact, you don’t really have to follow any of the cutting suggestions I include in my recipes; you could cut your carrots into sticks, if you wanted to. They would still cook up perfectly.

In general, the smaller the pieces of vegetables, the softer they will become in your meal. Personally, I like to have variety in my meals and purposefully cut my vegetables into different sizes to avoid monotony. In your own home, you can make your own Glorious One-Pot Meals the way that you like them using your preferred ingredients cut the way you want to cut them.

As for making recipes meant for two people in larger Dutch ovens, it will absolutely work. Here are some tips for success when using different sized Dutch ovens for Glorious One-Pot Meals.

Happy cooking!


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