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Genre: Health

Glorious One-Pot Meals

Introducing infusion cooking as a method of easily preparing wholesome, delicious, and nutritious meals that are on your table in about an hour… with only about 20 minutes of active effort!

The secret is in the layering… you have to try it to believe how well it works.

Glorious One-Pot Meals are constructed from a starch in the form of a grain, pasta, or potatoes, your choice of protein, and a rainbow of vegetables for maximum nutritious content. Once everything has been placed within the pot, the cook is free to relax until the telltale aromas escape from the oven to signal that dinner is ready. In fact, opening the lid during the infusion cooking process only delays the meal so the anxious cook has no choice but to step away from the oven until it is time to eat!

See some sample recipes and video demonstrations here!