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Fighting Cancer With Food

While I feel like I’ve dodged a bullet now that the biopsy from my breast came back benign, surviving cancer is still on my mind and in my circle of relationships.

I wrote recently of oxygenating your cells as a way to make the body environment inhospitable to cancer growth, and today I want to peek at how you can manage illness through diet and lifestyle changes.

In particular, were I battling cancer, I would switch to a Perfectly Whole Foods Diet, such as the one outlined by Dr. Walt Stoll and Jan DeCourtney in Recapture Your Health.

Together with cellular-level skilled relaxation (deep breathing) and the right exercise, a Perfectly Whole Foods diet can help the body reclaim the rogue cells and make the body’s environment inhospitable to cancerous growths.

Dr. Stoll himself told of how he eliminated a tumor from his own body with intensive relaxation techniques.

Truth told, when facing my own potential bout with cancer last month the last thing I believed was that I could “relax” it away, but I do strongly believe in Dr. Stoll’s “3-legged stool” of health. Besides, choosing to improve your health through self-care and a healthy lifestyle can be done congruently with modern medical treatments, if you so choose. It’s not one or the other, and they won’t cancel each other out. I believe in using all the resources at our disposal when you’re in a health crisis, until you find the ones that work for you.

I’ll be speaking in Boulder for the Stoll Foundation for Natural Health on October 7th, and talking about how my Glorious One-Pot Meals cooking method can be adapted for use with a Perfectly Whole Foods Diet. This is a free event and anyone interested in healthy living and cooking is invited to come!

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