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FAQ Category: Questions About Services

Is Elizabeth available to speak at events?

Yes! Elizabeth speaks on live and virtual stages all over the world. She offers keynotes, workshops, breakout sessions, cooking demonstrations, booksignings, and more.

Go here to learn more about Elizabeth’s experience as a speaker and here to discuss bringing Elizabeth to speak at your event.

What is Wednesday Wellness

Wednesday Wellness weekly group coaching sessions are safe, intimate, virtual spaces for people like you with questions about how to reclaim control over their health to find the answers their doctors likely don’t know. It’s an opportunity to ask questions about the information in the program, or anything else relating to health and wellness… and receive an answer in real time. Questions may be asked live or submitted in advance, and sessions are recorded and archived in the portal.

Wednesday Wellness sessions are open to members enrolled in The Inflammation Academy at the SLEUTH level or above for the duration of their program. Enrolling in continuing SUPPORT also includes Wednesday Wellness sessions. All eligible participants will receive an email on Wednesday mornings containing a Zoom access link for that day.

Wednesday Wellness sessions are held at 12pm noon MST over Zoom. Sessions may be rescheduled or skipped due to major holidays or other unavoidable interruptions.