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EWG exposes FDA plan to push mercury-laced seafood

Last Friday, December 12, the Environmental Working Group made public internal government documents disclosing the Food and Drug Administration’s secret plans to reverse federal warnings that pregnant women and children limit their fish intake to avoid mercury, a neurotoxin especially dangerous to the fetus and infants. EWG obtained both the FDA plan, stamped “CLOSE HOLD,” and memos by senior Environmental Protection Agency scientists attacking FDA’s rationale. The Washington Post broke the story, and other national stories followed.

Reaction from Capitol Hill was swift and sharp. Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-VT., denounced the FDA: “Now, in the administration’s 11th hour, they are quietly trying to water down advisories for women and children about the dangers of mercury in fish, disregarding sound science on this issue. Mercury is a potent neurotoxin capable of impairing childhood development at very low levels.”

Once again, instead of addressing the cause of the mercury that’s contaminating our food we’re going to change the health guidelines to prop up the fishing industry and continue to sell tainted fish to unsuspecting consumers.

And you thought the current administration was done dismantling of policies ennacted to safeguard our food, water, air, and environmental health? No, we will be unraveling the adverse effects for decades to come. Let’s watch what else they try to do in the dusk of their power.

George W. speaks a lot about his legacy and the sale of the health of our nation and of the planet to the industries with the best lobbyists — when we knew better — will certainly be listed among his most wondrous accomplishments.

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