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Category: Natural Health Questions

Are You Itchy Down There? Natural Remedies for Itchy Anus and Genitals

I was asked for suggestions to help someone who has continued to suffer from itchiness on her rectum even while following a customized anti-inflammatory diet based on her MRT results and after completing a candida cleanse. She wondered if perhaps the itchiness could be due to parasites. In my opinion, it never hurts to do an herbal […]

Could You Be Getting Too Much Calcium?

For decades, women have been encouraged -and even bullied- by health and medical experts to supplement with calcium in order to combat a possible osteoporosis diagnosis in the future. But could this advice be wrong? “It’s now coming to the forefront through research that osteoporosis – the exact condition calcium supplementation is meant to prevent […]

Low-Sodium Recipes for Glorious One-Pot Meals

Reader question: Love the recipes! Am a former culinary instructor who just recently was put on 1500 mg of salt per day. As a result I have been concentrating on your low sodium recipes. After making the Fish with Hong Kong Sauce for the first time since my sodium restrictions, I decided to double check […]

Substitutes for Canola Oil

Reader question: After watching your TED talk and learning more about GMOs, I’m wondering: Do we stop using canola oil entirely, or just switch to organic, non-gmo canola? I don’t fry (because I’m too lazy to clean up), but I do use canola oil in baking, as I don’t use butter or any milk products. For […]

New Concierge Health & Wellness Service

Concierge Health & Wellness Service Ever wished you had access to a natural health doctor outside of a regular appointment? Someone of whom you could guiltlessly ask your health questions about anything from adapting recipes for special diets, to cold and flu remedies, to advice for insomnia or ADHD, without paying all the fees for a private appointment? Then Elizabeth’s […]