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Eco-Friendly Wedding Sets and Travel

The cool people who sell artisan and eco-friendly jewelry over at the Turtle Love Committee have decided to feature the story of my engagement to my husband as part of their ongoing promotion of unique tales of love and their special diamond-free engagement and wedding sets.

Tibetan Gothic
Tibetan Gothic

They are even featuring this photo, snapped almost twelve years ago at our engagement party above the monastery of Llama-su on the Eastern Tibetan Plateau. We had been on horseback for almost a week at this point, and our Tibetan guides outfitted us in their finery for the celebration.

It was an amazing trip where we got to be immersed in the Tibetan nomadic environment — on horseback! We went with a fantastic company in Montana called Boojum Expeditions, who specialize in “Uncommon adventures for intrepid, informed travelers.”

I’m getting a kick out of connecting Boojum and our Tibet journey that tread so lightly on the earth with the Turtle Love Committee’s mission of selling “Cool jewelry that’s good for people and the planet.”

Isn’t it fun when life spirals back around on itself?  🙂

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