Easy goat cheese quesadilla

On the weekends I like to make hot breakfast/brunches for the family. Mostly because I like hot breakfast food, myself, so it’s kind of selfish. Sometimes I make pancakes, and we recently got a fun waffle maker that turned out stellar waffles once I got the hang of it (reading the directions helped!).

This past weekend I decided to make quesadillas. The kids wanted theirs with cheddar cheese and beans, which I easily obliged (it’s so easy to customize quesadillas!). For mine and my hubby’s, I pulled out a log of goat cheese I picked up at Costco, diced up some fresh tomatoes (I would have used dried tomatoes, if I hadn’t had fresh that needed to be used), and fresh spinach leaves. For the kids’, I borrowed a technique from Jessica Seinfeld’s book and minced up some fresh spinach leaves and spread them around underneath the cheese. No one was the wiser, and the kids ate the spinach!Goat cheese quesadilla

Anyway, the basic idea of a quesadilla is to lay a tortilla (I use whole wheat flour tortillas) on a lightly greased (or even ungreased, but I used a little real butter this time) griddle/frying pan. Spread thin layers of ingredients around and top it with a second tortilla. When the bottom is sufficiently toasted, flip it. When you finish, the cheese should be melted around the other ingredients, gluing both sides together. Finally, I like to cut it with a pizza cutter.

Mmmmmmm! The salty goat cheese wrapped around the tomatoes in a crunchy crust. One of my favorite meals or snacks that takes literally 5 minutes to prepare!

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