1. Rachelle at |

    Elizabeth: Great answer to a very difficult question. What I love about your cooking method that is different from other methods is that every thing comes out as a seperate part of the meal and not all combined like cooking in the crock pot. I love that it is fast and that you can create great Vegan meals as well. I love your cookbook and I love how generous you are with sharing your ideas, tips and techniques. I know you were called to do this because of a personal illness and I love that you are committed to helping others live healthy lives as well. Keep on cooking and sharing those great ideas, tips and tricks with the rest of us.

    Rachelle Disbennett Lee, PhD

  2. Steve C. at |

    A clear and fair response. Well done.

    Philip of Cairo may still carp about whether you deserve a patent or not, but at least now he knows upon what you base your claim.

    As for the bounce-back, I have learned that the internet’s offer of anonymity promotes harsh and usually unresearched comment. Would this fellow make the same accusation in the same way were he at one of your “FREE cooking demonstrations”? I suspect he would be more polite when not hiding behind a fake email address.


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