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Cooking with Yogurt in Glorious One-Pot Meals

Reader question: Good evening,  First, I found the one pot meal book yesterday and made my first one today. I was very impressed. I altered one of the recipes and made a mandarin orange chicken thing (fiddling with recipes and directions is sort of a hobby of mine) and it came out very beautifully. I was a little nervous–I am blind and they do not make a fully accessible talking oven thermometer and I therefore can’t get oven temperatures completely right–but it all went well.  I do have a question. One of my favorite cuisines is Indian (from India) and that cuisine uses a lot of yogurt. Sometimes when you cook with yogurt it can curdle. Is that a risk with this infusion technique?  And lastly, are there any sort of rule of thumb when adapting a stovetop recipe to a onepot meal recipe?  Thanks for the cookbook and the great ideas.  ~Rob  H., St. Cloud, MNGlorious One-Pot Meals

Hi Rob. I know Glorious One-Pot Meals is available as a book for the blind and I love hearing from my blind readers who have taken this technique and run with it!

To answer your question about yogurt: I have prepared Indian cuisine in a GOPM using yogurt and have not noticed any curdling. (Check out the Shrimp Masala with Rice recipe on page 78 in the cookbook!)

Perhaps the yogurt doesn’t curdle because the ingredients all cook toward the end when the temperature inside the pot is hot enough and the yogurt doesn’t spend a lot of time lukewarm? Perhaps because the cooking time is so short there is not time for curdling? It’s a mystery but it works.

As for adapting stovetop recipes for using in the Glorious One-Pot Meal technique, I don’t know if I have any “rules of thumb” other than to follow the basic formula that all GOPM recipes use with the same ingredient proportions. Once you have made a few GOPMs, you’ll notice that any combination of ingredients can be used following the same steps.

I hope this answered your questions! Thanks for writing and happy cooking!

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