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Coloring Easter Eggs with Natural Dyes

Make your Easter Eggs a little more artistic and a little less artificial this year by coloring the eggs with homemade natural dyes and patterns.

My friend, the ArtBizCoach, alerted me to this great idea posted by Nikki Wright for those who have a little bit of artistic talents and are looking to try something a little unusual for Easter this year. The eggs are truly gorgeous and I love that she used things like onion peels and beets to make the natural colors.

I have nostalgic memories of blowing out eggs and painting them as a child. I wonder if it’s too soon to try this with my 6- and 4-year olds? So far, we’ve always dipped hard-boiled eggs in the Paas dyes for our Easter celebration (yes, we celebrate all holidays at our house!), mostly because of the fragility factor with little hands. I envision painstakingly blowing out each egg, only to have it grasped by enthusiastic fingers a little too exuberently…

Come to think of it, this might be a better project for when they are 6 and 8! I might have more sanity left afterwards…

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