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Chronic Constipation Cures

Let’s talk about natural ways of dealing with chronic constipation.

Man sitting on the toilet

Chronic constipation leads to impaired digestion and may not only make you uncomfortable now, but can lead to malabsorption, nutrient deficiencies, colon cancer, and even autoimmune disorders later down the road. It’s crucial to act sooner rather than later to avoid more serious health issues.

Buddy Bears   Though these plant-based chewable laxatives are made for children, they work great for people of any age without any drugs or side effects. Take two Buddy Bears before bed to help ease constipation overnight. Repeat as necessary as this is not habit-forming. (Update: ReNew Life, the company that makes Buddy Bears, has re-named and re-formulated this product as Gentle Move Kids Colon Support. I am not certain the new product works as well as the original did, but it’s worth a try.)

Lacie Le Beau Super Dieters Tea  Lacie Le Beau is a senna-based tea in various herbal flavors that works fairly reliably to produce a bowel movement when the brewing directions are followed correctly. However, you may experience cramping and/or violent movements after drinking this tea. For best results, drink before bed and expect a bowel movement in the morning. BEWARE as senna can be habit-forming, so don’t use this more often than once a week and be sure to follow the suggestions below.

Water In the Morning   Start your day by chugging 18-24 oz. of room temperature water as quickly as possible. Practice visual imagery by imagining opening a fire hose and shooting water down through your bowels in a whoosh. Speed and gravity will help the rush of water clear clogged bowels and help instigate a bowel movement within the following hour.

Establish a Daily Pooping Time   Being “regular” means, by definition, following a schedule. In order to train your bowels to evacuate regularly, you’ll need to at least sit on the toilet for the same five-to-ten minutes every day. For most people, this will be in the morning within the first hour of waking and drinking water. Others may find their mornings too rushed and stressful and may choose a time before dinner, for example. The important thing is to be consistent and sit on the toilet even when it doesn’t feel like you need to go.

Avoid Hemorrhoids Don’t push or strain constantly during your pooping time; rather, try to relax and allow your colon to use peristalsis (muscular contractions of the colon) and gravity to move the stool to the anus. If you are unproductive within the allotted time, leave the bathroom and try again the next day during your regular pooping time.

If any of these suggestions have worked for you, please leave a comment below!

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