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Chasing Ice: Documenting climate change.

James Balog's climate change documentary: Chasing Ice.
James Balog's climate change documentary: Chasing Ice.

Earlier this week, my son and I attended an IMAX screening of the documentary “Chasing  Ice” at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science followed by a Q&A session with James Balog, the acclaimed National Geographic photographer and the man behind the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS). The EIS uses time-lapse photography to document the movement of glaciers on this planet.

Let me tell you: the documentation is mind-blowing. In a few short years, sped up through time-lapse photography, we watch glaciers receding a dozen miles and deflating enough to expose new vistas. It’s all there, climate change before our eyes, in artistically stunning photographic reality.

Exalted at the Sundance Film Festival and others, a Best Song nomination bringing it 50 seconds of video at the Oscars, and the subject of several TED talks, Chasing Ice will be coming to the National Geographic channel, Netflix, and other venues soon. Watch for it.

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