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Building Healthy Bones Naturally

Whether you are at risk for osteoporosis, a growing kid, or recovering from bone trauma like my son with his broken arm, there are natural ways to increase your dietary calcium intake to help your bones build and repair themselves.

I’m not a big fan of supplements in general as I believe wholesome foods are the best sources of vitamins and minerals for human bodies. Supplements may not be bio-available and it’s hard to know the source of the ingredients inside the supplement (i.e., did it come from a developing nation with questionable purity standards?). I’d rather look toward foods for my nutrients every time.

Dr. Ben Kim gives a great overview of how bone growth happens and offers 9 ways you can keep your bones healthy naturally:

  1. Be physically active.
  2. Stretch large muscle groups daily.
  3. Eat mineral-rich foods: green vegetables.
  4. Drink mineral-rich bone broths.
  5. Ensure adequate vitamin D by spending enough un-sunscreened time in the sunshine.
  6. Eat high quality fats and cholesterol: avocado, fish, coconut oil, etc.
  7. Learn how to effectively manage stress.
  8. Avoid calcium-leaching foods such as: soda pop, artificial sweeteners, sugar, non-sea salt.
  9. Eat foods rich in vitamin C.

Good advice all around, whether or not you are specifically concerned about the state of your bones.

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