1. Abi at |

    I have the microwave sterilizer, and using it keeps me from having to do a load more than once a day. I also use the Medela sterilizer bags for my pumping supplies.

    But if the dishwasher heats the bottles too much, wouldn’t the microwave as well? Is there really a difference?


  2. D at |

    Thanks for your answer. This is something that I too struggle with, especially with the fact that we cannot recycle most BPA containing plastics here, too. I’m always trying to find out what others feel about the subject. I’ve been throwing a lot of BPA plastics away because ours are mostly baby bottles from when I was a pumping mom. Even though I know others may not be concerned about it, I can’t stand the thought of selling something that may potentially hurt the baby it is being used for. Other containers is where I struggle with what to do.

  3. D at |

    I find it odd that you are eliminating BPA for your family’s health, but have no issue selling the same things your consider too dangerous for your family for others to use with their families. Why not just get rid of the BPA containers altogether?

  4. Abi at |

    What about baby bottles? I use bpa-free Dr. Brown’s bottles (well, I admit, most of the bottles are bpa free — some are hand-me-downs) and with twins, washing all those bottles by hand is a lot of work! Plus, there’s the whole needing to sterilize the bottles thing. Your thoughts?


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