1. Marlo Longworth at |

    homepathic remedies are composed of so many organic and natural methods that is why i really like it. *

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  2. Darrick Largay at |

    Bee stings can be quite painful and i always stay away from bees whenever possible. ^

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    […] Natural first aid for bee stings | Effortless EatingSep 24, 2008 … Last weekend, my 36-year old sister got stung by a bee. It was in my house, of all places, where a bee had landed on the back of a chair as we … Leave a comment « Paul arens Comments are closed. […]

  4. Jeffie Tobiassen at |

    Homepathic remedies are great because it does not cost much and most of all, it does not have so many side effects and relatively safe. `’.,,

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  5. Abi at |

    At what point do you remove the stinger? I’ve only ever been stung once — when I was ten, and it was on my lip, of all places. I do not remember if the stinger fell out or if my Mom had to scrape it off.


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