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Beauty Forte Natural Sunscreen

The folks at Beauty Forte were kind enough to send me a sample of their natural, chemical free, mineral sunscreen. I’m glad they did since it has become my sunscreen of choice to use on my face and decolletage this forte natural mineral sunscreen powder

Not only is the Beauty Forte sunscreen not greasy, it doesn’t leave annoying white streaks or clog pores. And it gives a sun-kissed glow, kind of like using a bronzing powder. So you can enjoy that healthy tan look without actually absorbing that much sun to do it.

The applicator bottle has a built-in sponge that spreads the sunscreen evenly without becoming airborne and making a mess. And it closes securely, so it is safe to toss in my purse or the pool bag and not worry about leakage. I like the small size, too, because it spends a lot of time in my purse.

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