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Arnica Oil Great For Muscle Strain, Bruising, Achiness

I’ve lately needed to treat some bruising and muscle strain in our house and have been reminded of how effective homeopathic arnica can be.

arnica massage oil for sore muscles, injuries, post-surgical healingHomeopathic arnica is an anti-inflammatory remedy that used for traumatic injury, bruises, strained joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, tensive backache, concussion, stroke, heart strain, and for reducing pain and bleeding after surgery. It can be taken orally by dissolving a tablet or pellet underneath the tongue, or mixed into a carrier oil and applied topically.

First, I slammed my baby toe into a doorjamb and it swelled up significantly with a purple bruise covering the entire toe. I thought about ignoring it, figuring it would heal eventually on its own, but by the next day it was worse and my state was taking on a sense of urgency as we were going skiing the following day. I couldn’t possibly fit that toe into my ski boot, I was sure.

Then, my 8-year old slid on some ice and managed to slam into a pole. An hour later, the point of impact on his leg was bright red from broken capillaries and quite tender.

During the same ice skating session, I (a rank beginner skater) tried to catch myself from falling and wrenched a muscle in my back. I felt it quite clearly because I had strained the exact same muscle in my lower back a few weeks ago during a Jazzercise class when I did a move too enthusiastically before I was fully warmed up.

arnica for muscle strain, bruising, injuryIn each case, an oral dose of arnica tablets combined with a topical application of Weleda’s fabulous arnica oil made the pain and swelling recede and decreased the bruising significantly within 24 hours. I’ve used other arnica gels and lotions but this oil seems to be the most effective topical form I’ve found.

By the next morning, my toe looked and felt almost normal and it didn’t bother me a bit while skiing that day.

Eight hours after administering the arnica to my son, and after a second topical application the next day it had disappeared entirely.

After applying arnica oil, the stabbing pains in my lower back subsided into a dull ache. Several more applications over several days together with a heating pad and some gentle massage worked wonders for healing the muscle strain and releasing the tension there.

Use arnica for any healing after a physical trauma or injury. It is safe for everyone, even infants and nursing mothers. Use sparingly (usually just one tablet under the tongue for the oral dosage, and enough oil to coat the skin in the affected area topically), but as frequently as needed — generally, not more than every 3-4 hours. Cease when symptoms disappear.

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