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All-natural body lotion: a whip from Amber Bath

I’ve mentioned before how I try to avoid putting petroleum products on my body, so I’m always on the lookout for great natural body products. Yesterday, I found something spectacular at the farmer’s market: Elizabeth White’s Amber Bath Lavender Lush whipped body lotion.

This stuff is heavenly. Seriously. After only two applications it has healed the peeling skin on my fingertips and makes my skin feel, well, like butta.

I live in a seriously dry climate where air moisture levels are usually well below 10%, particularly in the summer. Ever since the years-long avalanche of diaper changes/hand washes hit our house, my fingertips in particular have been prone to peeling from dryness. Today they look almost normal for the first time in more than 5 years. But I consider this side effect to be an extra bonus, with the main benefit being how hydrated my skin looks and feels on the rest of my body.

This whipped version of her popular Lemon Aid Body Butta should be slathered on as soon as you turn off the water, before you reach for a towel. It merges with the water and draws it into your skin, so that by the time you’ve covered your entire body there’s almost no need to use a towel anymore. Talk about younger-looking skin!

Amber Bath productsLike me, Elizabeth White was obsessed with finding products with no stinky perfume or fragrance oils.  Amber Bath products only use true essential oils.  No synthetic colorants or fragrances are added- no mineral oil or alcohol either.

And no petroleum products to clog my pores and further enrich the oil and gas industry. I think they get enough of my money at the pump, don’t you?

Find Elizabeth at her Amber Bath tent at the Cherry Creek farmer’s market on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and at the Bomar farmer’s market on Sundays, or get her through the Amber Bath website. Please tell her I sent you!

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