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A Cuppa Tea: the Antidote to Stress

red rooibus bush tea
I'm picky about my Rooibus, but here is one brand I really like: Choice.

I’ve always loved the British tradition of pausing for a cup of tea in the late afternoon as a break in the day to relax and release stress. It turns out that compounds in green and black tea chemically help you de-stress and studies have shown that tea drinkers are less stressed than non-tea drinkers.

Lately, my tea of choice has been red rooibus, or bush tea. Like green and black teas, it’s brimming with antioxidents, but I like it because it has a robust, earthy flavor and is naturally decaffeinated.  I wonder if rooibus has the same relaxing effects as green and black teas? It seems to work for me anyway.

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