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A confession

I feel I need to make a confession. I feel I have been lax about posting effortless recipes lately, but here is the problem: I can’t find my camera. It disappeared, likely buried somewhere in the morass of papers that is my office or perhaps somewhere else, but regardless, I can’t find it. So not only can’t I download existing photos of scrumptious easy meals to share with you, but I can’t take any new ones. How can I be a food blog without food photos? Sigh. I apologize.

While I’m at it, I should admit that I have been less-than-perfect about posting my healthy eating weight loss tips every Monday. You might have noticed that sometimes they show up on Tuesday or Wednesday, or even not at all. I had the best of intentions in January for doing this regularly, but somehow life keeps getting in the way.

So, here’s my new plan: I’m going to continue writing about living a natural lifestyle and healthy eating, and toss in healthy weight loss tips when I’m inspired to do so. I’m going to renew my search for my camera and possibly post some recipes without photos (the horror!), if necessary, because I have the feeling that no photo is better than a painful cell phone photo that could make the food look (gasp!) unappetizing.

Onward and forward!

Posted in: Misc.

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