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Search Results for: cholesterol

Sunbutter: A Peanut Butter Alternative

I’ve never been a rabid peanut butter fan, though I understand the appeal for a quick and easy, non-perishable, packable protein spread for everything from school lunches to hiking trips to an everyday snack. While I didn’t really dig peanut butter as a child, Sunbutter Sunflower Seed Spread slathered on an apple slice or a […]

A Healthy Snacking Option: Seaweed Snacks

One of our favorite snacks at our house are toasted seaweed strips. These irresistibly crunchy, salty, flavorful strips of nori are the same toasted seaweed wrappers used for making sushi rolls, cut into 3″ strips for snacking and often flavored with teryaki, sesame, or spicy chiles. You can find them in large plastic jars or […]

What’s So Bad About Canola Oil?

I used to be a canola oil girl. I believed it was a healthy choice for a cooking oil, and even recommended using it all over my cookbook. Now I know better. As I live and learn and mature, I reserve the right to change my mind as new information comes to light. Such is […]

The Dairy Dilemma

Please enjoy a guest post today by Tracy Stevens of Intuity Wellness regarding selecting the healthiest type of milk for your family. Thanks Tracy! “Milk Does a Body Good.”  Does it?  That’s what the ad campaign in the 1990s told us.  But it does definitely depend on the body and the choices you make.  Milk […]