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Search Results for: kick a cold

Prevent Swine Flu Naturally

Are you feeling the pressure to get the untested H1N1 vaccine in order to prevent swine flu? Any time a vaccine is rushed to market the way this one was there is a greater risk to the general population, besides having little proof of its efficacy. We are holding firm in our family and are […]

Where Germs Lurk

Bathroom faucets, remote controls, and telephones are likely culprits for harboring the germs that cause colds. Scientists at the University of Virginia have tested many common surfaces to see if germs could live on them and then be transferred to the next person. The big news? Yes, absolutely. Germs can survive in many common spots […]

Ear ache

My children’s preschool teacher’s 9-year old daughter had an earache the other day. Since pediatricians are known to over-prescribe antibiotics for ear aches, I suggested she try to battle the virus first, then head to the doctor if there was no improvement. After all, antibiotics won’t kick a virus, only a bacteria. And most ear […]

Fun with Falafel

In much of Israel, falafel stands are as common as hot dog stands in New York City, except that instead of a pushcart the vendors stand next to a vat of boiling oil. It’s one of my favorite street foods from all my travels. Luckily, they are extremely easy to make and tasty to eat. […]