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Search Results for: kick a cold

10 Common Sense Ways to Avoid Getting the Flu

As much as we might try to avoid it, anyone can come down with the flu after exposure to the virus, even if you got the flu vaccine (now thought to be around 60% effective for this year). Sometimes it’s good to get a reminder of how hygienic you can keep your your immediate environment […]

Homopathic Flu Remedy: Oscillo

Here’s a story about how I cured my flu last weekend. In what looks to be shaping up as a bad flu season around the nation, it’s helpful to have a remedy ready at hand to minimize the illness and speed the recovery. On Saturday I awoke with what I thought was a head cold: […]

Natural Remedies to Recover From Surgery

Today my 9-year old son underwent a surgical procedure to align the bones he broke falling off a zipline a week and a half ago. Both his radius and his ulna were broken and displaced in the fall, and we later discovered that a tendon had slipped between the bones. So today he had surgery […]

Remedies for nighttime coughing

A naturopathic client has been complaining of coughing fits at night this spring. He says that it is not as bad when he closes the windows and uses the air conditioner, but it is still interfering with his sleep. An ENT used a nasal scope to see small, weak, red bumps and inflamed tonsils but […]

Nourishing Remedies for Run Down Bodies

My friend has already had a rough winter. What started with a cough in September morphed into bronchitis and then into pneumonia. Even after multiple rounds of antibiotics, here it is almost Thanksgiving and she has puss-filled spots on her tonsils but tests negative for strep, feels worn out, run down, and far from healthy. […]