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Meeting Planners

Co-Create an Unforgettable Event with Elizabeth Yarnell!

A lot goes into your events and success is measured by how much the audience enjoys, learns and remembers.

Elizabeth makes a point to participate in your event off-stage to get to know your attendees and further their engagement. This includes attending other sessions, offering a Q&A, even social events (schedule permitting). A range of different options to further explore his material is available. Book signings can also be arranged.

The goal of Elizabeth Yarnell and her team is to make you look like a rockstar (easily!) and make sure your event is an amazing success! 



The best way to kick off your next event and spread the empowering message of personal healthcare is through one of Elizabeth’s powerful presentations. Elizabeth creates an upbeat, connected, and engaging space for your entire event.

Elizabeth’s message offers insights and solutions to help participants think differently about their ability to influence how their bodies feel and function.

“Elizabeth was a fantastic presenter – she was knowledgeable, passionate, and engaging. Our healthcare candidates were thrilled to receive such great resources on the influence of diet on inflammation and how to work with patients to promote healthier minds and bodies. Our team highly recommends Elizabeth for your next speaking engagement!”

James Lecy, On Time Talent Solutions

On-demand training

The Inflammation Academy video-based learning modules are the perfect addition to your program for extending and expanding the value and impact of Elizabeth’s presentation for months! It’s a win-win experience: Employees notice higher energy levels, a reduction of symptoms, and better general health and organizations reap the benefits through fewer sick days, reduced absenteeism, and higher productivity levels.

“Your presentation and professional approach to making life simple could not be better for our patients.”

Richard E. Collins, M.D.
South Denver Cardiology Associates, P.C.
The Cooking Cardiologist


Confidential, insightful, and customize wellness consulting on the hot health issues faced daily by today’s top executives, management, employees and their families.

Pomegranate Consulting LLC is designed for high-level executives, growth-stage executives, in the process of up-leveling their performance in and out of the company.

Executive leaders ready to make a positive change and be a role model for self-care can rely on Elizabeth’s 20+ years of professional natural health expertise to help them navigate the confusing world of conflicting health claims and advice.

Participating in and taking responsibility for my own well-being has been rewarding and having Elizabeth Yarnell patiently walk me through the process demonstrated her genuine pledge to support me through my journey. 

Kim Emerson, San Diego, CA

Craft The Package Best for Your Organization and Event

Magnify the impact of Elizabeth’s empowering message of personal health for your audience! Choose a keynote and add on any or all of these additional services designed to increase the value of your event:


• pre-event warm-up videos for attendees

• Meet-and-greet opportunity

During the Event

• Autographed Cookbooks

Cooking Demonstration

Hands-on Cooking Workshop (requires an oven)


• 7-Day Inflammation Academy KICKSTART course (7 video emails)

• 8-week Inflammation Academy SLEUTH course (5 modules of instruction + 8 weekly coaching sessions + recipes database + cooking classes + handout library)