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Targeted dietary and lifestyle actions taken to decrease or diminish the inflammation that causes chronic symptoms of pain, dysfunction, or discomfort.

Inflammation abatement focuses on identifying and removing personal triggers of inflammation.


Our allopathic medical system classifies conditions as autoimmune when there are symptoms of inflammation without an attributable cause such as an injury or an infection.

Inflammation happens is when something triggers a subset of white blood cells called T cells to go out and vanquish the threat. For instance, during an allergic reaction, inflammation may affect breathing, itching, bowel function, and more.

In autoimmunity, symptoms of inflammation may appear frequently, constantly, or sporadically and cause physical, mental and/or emotional discomfort and/or dysfunction.

When we break down the word “autoimmune” into root words, auto (self) and immune (allergic), the word literally means “allergic to self”.


Electric pulses, magnetic waves, currents, or generated frequencies are used to stimulate and adjust the vibration of the bonds between the atoms to encourage and enhance health and optimal physical functioning.

I often recommend electroceutical devices including but not limited to TENS units, Ionic Foot Baths, BEMER, infrared saunas, and Nebulizers.