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Health & Wellness Inspirational Speaker

How many days do you or your employees lose every year due to being too sick to work?

How many hundreds of thousands or millions of hours and dollars of lost productivity does this amount to?

Not to mention the milestone events, family get-togethers, or enjoyment with friends that are missed due to people feeling crappy. Grumpy people that don’t feel well don’t not fully participate in their lives… or their workplaces.

It’s hard to live your potential when you feel crappy, but there are concrete steps everyone can take to start feeling better today… and tomorrow.

Who wouldn’t want to empower everyone in the audience with concrete actions to take right now that would improve how they feel, how they live, and how they work?

Glorious One-Pot Meals

Finally: a quick, easy, and healthy cooking solution that’s delicious and nutritious, too! 

Check out the book that launched a healthy cooking  movement and get a process that will forever change your life in the kitchen.

Food Sensitivities, Toxins, Parasites and Their Role in Health

It can be almost impossible to determine the triggers behind your own symptoms, but The Inflammation  Academy can accelerate the process and provide a clear path to finally figuring it all out. 

Whether you have Multiple Sclerosis or not, if there is inflammation behind your symptoms, you would be remiss not to learn the information that could literally change your life.

Make today be the first day of the rest of your life by enrolling in The Inflammation Academy. Your first course will arrive within the hour, and you’ll be on your way toward reclaiming your health.

Who am I?

I’m obsessed with inflammation. The hidden kind that is behind almost every symptom of pain, discomfort, or dysfunction that characterize autoimmune and other inflammatory disorders. The kind of chronic inflammation that can be challenging for medical doctors to understand or successfully manage.

Based on 15 years as a traditional naturopath and certified food sensitivity therapist, I designed The Inflammation Academy to empower anyone anywhere to reclaim control over how they feel today and tomorrow through non-pharmaceutical lifestyle changes.

Check out my upcoming book: The Multiple Sclerosis Inflammation Connection: from Life Sentence to Life Solution.

I’m a keynote speaker, award-winning cookbook author, TEDx speaker, and patented inventor with a robust following of fans for a unique, patented method of cooking.  I frequently appear in online summits, on podcasts, and on live stages and was recently featured in the “Strange Pain” Docuseries alongside Dr. Tom O’Bryan.

My secret identity is as the developer of a suite of digital storytelling (moviemaking skills) programs for elementary and middle schoolers and their teachers. 

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