Here are some of my books and e-books.

Glorious One-Pot Meals®

Looking for a quick, easy, and healthy dinnertime solution? My award-winning cookbook introduces the “infusion” cooking method that makes it easy to prepare nutritious and delicious meals every night of the week!

You’ll love how my unique, patented cooking technique enables any home cook to easily assemble an entire meal in as few as fifteen minutes. And then, instead of a sink full of pots and pans, only one cast iron Dutch oven to clean up afterward!


Glorious One-Pot Meals introduces infusion cooking as a way to easily create wholesome, delicious, and nutritious meals that are on your table in about an hour with only about 20 minutes of active effort. The secret is in the layering… you have to try it to believe how well it works.

First published independently in 2005, and then picked up by Random House under the Clarkson-Potter imprint and republished in 2009, Glorious One-Pot Meals has sold more than 60,000 copies so far.

You can find Glorious One-Pot Meals in paperback or e-book form at Amazon or at other booksellers. Visit my Shop if you would like to purchase an autographed copy.

Living Healthily with MS

Do you or someone you know or love suffer from Multiple Sclerosis?

Check out this primer for beginning the journey toward reclaiming your health.

Click here to learn more and get immediate access to this ebook. You don’t need to wait any longer to start feeling and functioning better despite a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis or other autoimmune condition. Even if you’ve been suffering without a formal diagnosis, the solutions in this book could give you insight and information you can use