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Elizabeth will entertain and enlighten your group while inspiring and empowering them to take control of their health. A professional instructional designer for more than twenty years, Elizabeth understands how to present information in the most accessible way for today’s learners.

Learn more about Elizabeth Yarnell as a Health & Wellness Speaker.

Corporate Wellness Programs & Consulting

Elizabeth has a unique suite of wellness programs carefully designed to support busy employees and executives. Programs include on-demand videos and instruction, live group interactions, and live or virtual special events.

Talk to Elizabeth about designing your Company Wellness Programs!

Individual Wellness Programs

Choose to become the master of your body and your future! Jump into The Inflammation Academy at the level of commitment right for you today and launch your health journey to a better future!

Get your  health questions answered!

Elizabeth is an expert in food sensitivities and designing customized anti-inflammatory diets that have the power to transform your life and your future. If you know something is wrong, but your doctors can’t figure out it out, you may find your answers with Elizabeth’s unconventional and extraordinary approaches to identifying and removing the inflammatory triggers holding you back.