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Search Results for: cholesterol

Targeting “Bad Cholesterol” with Drugs Does Not Help Heart Health

Setting targets for ‘bad’ (LDL) cholesterol levels to ward off heart disease and death in those at risk might seem intuitive, but decades of research have failed to show any consistent benefit for this approach, reveals an analysis of the available data, published online in BMJ Evidence Based Medicine. Cholesterol-lowering drugs are now prescribed to […]

Cholesterol is Your Friend, Not Your Enemy

I know, I know; it’s heresy to say that cholesterol might actually be good for you. That cholesterol might be something you really want to have running around in your bloodstream. Heavens to mercy, save us all! Did she mean to say that cholesterol is good? Sigh. I got into this discussion on a recent […]

Kids on Cholesterol Drugs

I was outraged to read that the American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending that some children as young as 8 be given cholesterol-fighting drugs to “ward off future heart problems.” Wow. Pretty drastic measures, I would say, to administer drugs that haven’t been around long enough to have long-term, lifespan data to know what effects […]

Cholesterol, Causality and Egg McMuffins

Last night on the national news there was a story about how while statin drugs do indeed lower cholesterol, it is unclear as to if they decrease the risk of heart disease. Since 18 million people take statin drugs and it is a $21 Billion industry for the drug companies, this is worth a second […]

Meeting Planners

Co-Create an Unforgettable Event with Elizabeth Yarnell! A lot goes into your events and success is measured by how much the audience enjoys, learns and remembers. Elizabeth makes a point to participate in your event off-stage to get to know your attendees and further their engagement. This includes attending other sessions, offering a Q&A, even […]