Materials List for REMOVE

How to Prepare

  1. Determine the date of the next full moon here.
  2. Work backward to schedule the intestinal cleanse day 5-15 days before the next full moon. You’ll want to set aside one day to do the cleanse and the following day to rest and recover.
  3. Begin the parasite protocol the second day after the cleanse and continue for 30 days. This will ensure that you are taking the herbs during the full moon, when parasites are most active.

Parasite herbs

What you’ll need:

  1. Order the herbs here.

Intestinal Cleanse

What you’ll need:

    1. Order “ONE” Intestinal Cleanse here.
    2. Order the homeopathic antihistamine remedy here.
    3. A glass water bottle with a cap (so that you can close and shake it) at least 300 ml
    4. A measuring cup marked with ml
    5. An electric kettle or other hot water heater
    6. Clean water, preferably filtered
    7. Disposable gloves, at least 14 pair
    8. Disposable chopsticks, at least 14 pair
    9. Disposable piece of plastic for photographing excretions
    10. Basket or strainer like this one (to put inside your toilet and catch your poop). I got this one at a Dollar Store.