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My family is picky — how do I know they will eat Glorious One-Pot Meals?

I have to say that this cooking method is great for picky families because YOU decide the ingredients YOU want to use in each recipe.

While I give you suggestions of ingredients and flavor combinations in each recipe, you can freely substitute any protein for any protein, any carb for any carb, and any veggie for any veggie.

For example, I have a recipe for Cajun Fish that calls for fish of any kind, sweet potatoes, green beans and tomatoes with Creole Seasoning for the flavoring. You could easily make this with chicken instead of fish, rice instead of sweet potatoes, broccoli instead of green beans, and carrots instead of tomatoes. See what I mean? Now you would have a Cajun Chicken with Rice and broccoli meal, though you would still be using the same technique you learned in the original Cajun Fish recipe.

The cookbook also gives lots of info about altering recipes and teaches you exactly how this unique, patented cooking method works.

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