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I forgot to take out the chicken for tonight’s Glorious Pot Meal (I’m making Chicken Cacciatori)! It’s frozen solid – what should I do?

Relax, frozen meats work perfectly fine in Glorious Pot Meals — there is no need to think ahead for thawing! As long as the frozen meat fits completely inside the pot, you’re fine. If you need to separate two pieces of meat that are frozen together, put them into a sealed baggie and run under cold water until they can be pulled apart. Frozen bone-in meat, such as chicken legs, may require your Glorious Pot Meal to spend an extra 5-10 minutes in the oven to completely cook. Don’t forget: let your nose be the guide! You’ll know a Glorious Pot Meal is done about 5 minutes after the aroma first wafts from the oven.

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