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Help! I burned my Glorious One-Pot Meal! What did I do wrong?

While it’s hard for me to tell exactly what happened without more information, I can provide a couple general pointers to help you avoid this fate in the future.

1) Every oven is a little different, and cooking times may vary depending on if you’re using fresh or frozen ingredients or even the thickness (or absence) of meat, so perhaps you simply left it in the oven too long. No matter what the recipe says the cooking time should be, your nose should always take precedence in deciding when a Glorious One-Pot Meal is done. The general rule of thumb is that the meal is ready about 3 minutes AFTER the aroma first escapes from the oven. At this point you should smell what I call a “full-bodied scent” that will probably make your mouth water and will definitely make your house smell inviting.

2) Be sure to use the correct ratio of water to grains. This is the most scientific part of the Glorious Pot Meal cooking method, and the one you will most benefit from my own trial and error development process. Whether the recipe calls for rice or pasta or quinoa, I will supply you with the correct proportion of liquid to grains so that your grains will be tender, fluffy, and fully cooked instead of hard, chewy, or scorched. The Glorious One-Pot Meal cookbook provides a handy table of ratios for using almost any grain in any form.

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