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Cookies and Data Usage

We use cookies for the functional running of this Site, to make the experience aesthetically pleasing, to provide social media features, and to analyze our traffic. Where required by law, a consent banner with opt-in preferences appears upon you loading this Site for the first time on any browser. Your consent to our Cookies is in your hands via those selections, and you consent to our Cookies based on those selections, whether you choose options or elect to bypass them, if you continue to use our Site. Where not required by law the consent banner does not display and you consent to our Cookies if you continue to use our Site.

What Are Cookies:
Essentially all websites use Cookies. A Cookie is a small file sent to your browser from a website you visit. It is stored on either your web browser or on your device. Cookies can be “persistent” or “session.” Some go away when you leave the site, and some stay on your device until you remove them. Cookies do not allow access to your computer or any data/files contained in your computer.

How This Site Uses Cookies:
Personal information will not be collected where a person is only browsing the Site, but we may use Cookies to better tailor our information and our services to meet the needs of Site visitors. We may collect non-personal information about the computer, mobile device, or other device you use to access this Site, such as IP address, geolocation information, unique device identifiers, browser type, and/or browser language to help us understand how people use this Site.

The law states that we can store Cookies on your device if they are “strictly necessary” for the operation of this site. Depending upon the law in your geolocation, we may need your permission for all other types of Cookies. EAA law prohibits the use of profiling cookies unless the individual has agreed to receive these cookies. When an individual visits this Site, we send a request to opt-in to our cookies.

Where applicable by law, a Cookies consent banner will display upon arriving for the first time to this site. Where not applicable by law this consent banner is not available, but you can turn Cookies on and off at will though your browser. Each browser publishes up-to-date guidelines how to do this.

You can choose whether to accept Cookies by changing the settings on your consent banner (if available in your geolocation) or within your browser. However, if you disable certain functions, your experience on this Site may be diminished and some features may not work as intended.

Which Cookies Do We Use?
To the extent any personal information is collected through first-party Cookies, our Privacy Policy applies and complements this Cookie Policy. Personal information collected through a third-party Cookie is subject to the privacy policy of that third party, and not our Privacy Policy.