The Inflammation Influencer Programs

Reclaim your health by reducing the inflammation in your body!

Since most –if not all– symptoms are due to inflammation, then what would reducing or eliminating the source of that inflammation mean? No inflammation = No symptoms!

No symptoms = reduced pain or discomfort, clearer thinking, more energy, better sleep!!!

Let Elizabeth guide you on your journey to reducing inflammation in your body! Be forewarned: the way ahead will be different than what you’ve done before. Successful explorers need an open mind and a realization that what they have done in the past hasn’t worked for them. It’s time to join the vanguard of the revolutionary idea that life should not be lived in chronic physical distress!

Where can you join the movement?

Level 1: The Inflammation Aware

Gain awareness of where triggers lurk in your day-to-day life through just one email a week! Empower yourself to resist the inflammatory dangers around every corner in our modern world. For less than the price of a large specialty coffee drink, Elizabeth gives you the tools and concepts you need to begin taking the first steps to reclaiming a life free from inflammation. Begins 9/30/19.


Level 2: The Inflammation Influencer

Regardless of your symptoms or diagnosis, you are a good fit for this program if you can recognize that inflammation is affecting your body negatively and you are ready to take a big leap forward for your health. This 6-month program guides you through reducing inflammation with state-of-the-art blood and urine testing determining your unique path. Includes the weekly inflammation awareness videos, a herbal parasite cleanse, an enzyme urinalysis, MRT food sensitivity testing, 2 months of LEAP® dietary therapy, membership in a private Facebook Group, three-and-one-half hours of one-on-one counseling, and access to live bi-monthly “office hours” to answer all of your questions and help you along your journey toward health.

$4997. Pre-launch SALE $2347

Level 3: The Inflammation Master

Feeling like you desperately need to de-tox your body? Want to boost your physical and mental performance? Then this program is for you. It includes everything inside the Inflammation Influencer program PLUS your own personal European Bio-Electric Magnetic Energy Resonance device with a lifetime guarantee and instruction on how to use it to improve the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your cells while facilitating advanced removal of waste and toxins. This program offers accelerated recovery and conditioning for improved performance in athletes and others.

$1497. Pre-launch SALE $9457