Do you need a health and nutrition speaker to inspire and motivate your group toward healthier living?

If so, I’m your speaker.

My current favorite topics are “Eating Healthily in Our Toxic World and “Nutrition and Autoimmunity: How What We Eat Affects How We Feel,” but I also give cooking presentations and classes. My classic “Five Simple Strategies for Healthy Eating” speech offers easy-to-understand-and-implement steps to take charge of your life and improve your health every time you eat.

Although I’ve spoken at many non-health-related events, as the director of the Fight MS with Food project and someone living with multiple sclerosis I frequently speak at MS and other health and disease-associated events to help raise funds and awareness and provide patient education. I’ve also become well known in the NMO (neuro myelinating optica) community for my nutritional advice.

Videos of Elizabeth Yarnell

Want to see me in action? Here is my recent TED talk titled “We Are What We Eat: Poisons In Our Everyday Foods.” Here’s the motivational story of my patented cooking method, and here’s a tv clip of me doing a cooking demonstration. Don’t overlook my MS story video describing my research and philosophy about diet and autoimmunity.

Elizabeth’s Programs

From the keynote to break-out sessions to workshops to evening or spouse events, my programs provide information wrapped in entertainment and everyone goes home with a clear idea of how to move forward to achieve their goals. Read some testimonials here.

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