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Do you wish you…

    Health with First Class Service


  • Were more clear-headed and focused in your work?
  • Could make decisions more easily?
  • Slept better?
  • Had more energy?
  • Felt good after eating?
  • Missed fewer days of work?
  • Were more productive?
  • Had better skin?
  • Were more regular?
  • Had a higher libido?
  • Were happier?

Believe it or not, all of these can be improved through your gut!

If you’re ready to normalize and optimize your digestive tract in 90 days or less, let’s do it! Why would you wait one more day to be your best self and super-charge your potential?

Learn how to heal yourself naturally and Apply that knowledge toward improving not only your own health, but that of your family and friends as well!

How far will you go toward optimum health and full abilities?

Graduate Level: 90-Day program of Cleaning Up Your Gut and Improving Your Life. Includes specific bodily fluid tests and cleanses to improve your health as quickly as possible as well as scheduled one-on-one counseling by phone. Email access of up to 10 emails/month.*

$1500/month for 3 months

Master’s Level: 6-month program includes everything in the Graduate level PLUS additional bodily fluid testing and regularly scheduled counseling by phone. Hone in on the root causes of your health issues and continue to improve your health by taking it to the next level. Email access of up to 15 emails/month.*+

$1400/month for 6 months

Platinum Level: 12-month program includes everything in Graduate and Master’s levels PLUS ongoing monthly phone consulting sessions and Unlimited email access.Have the sniffles? Fever? Malaise? Auto-immunity? Depression? Weight issues? This is your all-access pass to optimum health with your own personal naturopathic doctor at your disposal.  *+

$1300/month for 12 months



*Sessions and responses to email happen during business hours of 9am-3pm Mountain Time.
+ Will auto-renew beyond stated sessions unless cancelled by email to