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Event Participants and Coordinators Say:

" Wanting to introduce my students to healthy methods of cooking, I invited Elizabeth Yarnell into my classroom as a guest speaker. Not only did the students love her cooking demonstration and delicious food, but Elizabeth empowered them to make wise, nutritionally sound food choices.

"Through personal experience, she was able to convince the students that their food choices in adolescence will impact their life-long wellness. The nutritional information she shared was very fitting in my high school level Foods and Nutrition classes. Her enthusiasm for healthy eating was very contagious as she shared her personal story.

"An entrepreneur by trade, but a fabulous cook at heart, Elizabeth's passion for healthy food was evident in the classroom. As a teacher, I believe that it is essential to equip students with knowledge and skills they can use in their everyday life. Nutrition and disease prevention is just one of those tools that will help them to become successful in life. Elizabeth was the perfect guest speaker to have in my classroom as she was able to encourage the students to make wise choices in their youth."

Sasha Gartin, Family and Consumer Sciences
Cherry Creek High School, Greenwood Village, Colorado

"My husband has crowned me gourmet cook ever since I became a one pot meal addict. Throw it in the pot, and dinner is ready in a flash and always delicious!"

Meg Evans, workshop participant, Colorado

"Glorious One Pot Meals describes an innovative approach to preparing delicious and healthy food. The approach is especially valuable for people living with MS, who will appreciate the energy conservation approach to preparing fabulous meals. Elizabeth Yarnell is a gracious, informed and charming teacher, and her classes and presentations are both fun and practical!"

Karen Wenzel, Executive Director, Rocky Mountain MS Center

"Feedback from Elizabeth’s program was very good and many people were inspired to continue or begin cooking and eating healthy food."

Melinda Jerger, Program Manager, National MS Society - Colorado Chapter

"Elizabeth’s online meeting really was well-received and went very smoothly."

Christine Michaud, Community Coordinator, eDiets.com

"We enjoyed having Elizabeth on our show… (and saw) a nice response from our viewers."

Ashleigh Walters,Producer, Colorado & Company

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Real Comments from Real Readers:

"We absolutely LOVE the recipes! Please publish another (book) — we make at least two of your dishes a week!!!! Wonderful."

Karen B., Arizona

"I have cooked three meals and am loving it. The food is great, healthy and the meals turn out less expensive and more delicious than all the take-out I'm used to. In addition, having a small kitchen, the prep and cleanup is quick and easy. I love it."

Sharon K., New York

"I am very excited to have gotten your cookbook. We tried (a recipe from the newspaper) and my husband couldn't say enough good things about it! It was really easy to prepare and very delicious!"

Cheryl G., Pennsylvania

"I tried the chicken and frozen potato meal for my first, and found it really simple and quick. I can see how easy it will be to adapt as I go along."

Kathy W., Colorado

"Thank you for your wonderful cookbook. We have been enjoying all of your fantastic recipes, and hope there are more to come."

Pam, California

"Bravo! I love your book and will probably give copies for Christmas presents next year."

Johanna D, Colorado

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From the Press:

"One-Pot Wizardry. Yarnell has patented a way of cooking in a Dutch oven, giving new meaning to the phrase one-pot meals."

Rocky Mountain News

"Playing with her recipe is a little like putting together a science experiment; the bonuses are little cleanup, and 45 minutes to do other things while the meal cooks."

Philadelphia Inquirer

"(These are) recipes that strike a balance between health, taste and nutrition – as good for those living with MS as those who are not."

Denver Post

"I can honestly say I'm ready to honor her All-American Pot Roast with some type of award that includes a goden statue and a live, televised audience... I've got tons of cookbooks on my counter. Some I use a lot and some just take up space. This one will get used."

The Moore American


"I've tried four different recipes from Glorious One-Pot Meals so far... Each was delicious, easy to make, and enjoyed by my picky teenagers - the real test of any cookbook!"


"Elizabeth Yarnell has accomplished something unique with this collection of healthy recipes -- one pot meals that have texture as well as taste!"


"This smells fabulous. I wish we had smellavision."


"Last time (Elizabeth was) on (the show) I could not stop eating what (she) made – it was so delicious."

Colorado & Co.

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