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Category: Recipes

Spelt Bread Recipe for a Bread Machine

Do you have a bread machine lying around but don’t make bread anymore because you’re avoiding wheat? My husband brought his bread maker into our marriage in 1999, and in the early years we often made delicious fresh bread. But after my son’s 2009 MRT results showed that he was sensitive to wheat, I tried a number of […]

Grain-free Gluten-free Banana Pancake

One of my patients is getting super creative with her customized anti-inflammatory diet that we designed from her MRT food sensitivity testing results and is happy to share her quick and easy breakfast recipe. This super simple recipe is just banana beaten with an egg and an optional dash of cinnamon and spatter of chocolate chips. […]

Wheat-free Swedish Pancakes

My son went to a friend’s slumber party and came home raving about the Swedish Pancakes his friend’s mom made for breakfast the morning after. He begged me to make them when it came time to host his own slumber party, and my friend and author of a really fun new book series about a fiesty eleven-year […]

Wheat-free Banana Spelt Muffins

Many people may think they are sensitive to all gluten when in fact it is the wheat itself that causes them problems. In America, our wheat crop is the most highly pesticided crop there is, and our wheat products are full of pesticide residue. Add to this the fact that today’s wheat strains are the result […]

Quick and Easy Candied Nuts Recipe

I always like to offer my food sensitivity clients a sweet treat, and this recipe allows people to use their personal “safe” nuts and “safe” sweetener to make this addictive snack. Even for those who aren’t dealing with food sensitivity issues, these treats will satisfy the craving for sweets that most of us have without […]